My journey into the digital art world officially began in 2011 when I decided it was time to get serious about my future. At the time, I was interested in becoming a published author and was putting all of my efforts into that. However, I have a hard time staying focused and often found myself browsing the internet, specifically looking at book review blogs. Back then, these blogs and their website designs often featured the nicest clipart I'd ever seen. I was intrigued and found myself wanting to start my own book review blog with an amazing website design.

The problem? Lack of funds.

Back then if I couldn't afford something, I would try to do it myself and so I wanted to create my own clipart.

The problem? Lack of art skills.

In high school, I chose not to take any art classes, which I now regret (hello, hindsight!) and unfortunately my lazy doodles during class hadn't exactly improved my drawing skills. However, I was determined and so I put aside my writing aspirations for the time being and began to focus on digital art. I studied tutorials, researched vector art and most importantly, practiced drawing.

During my time of self teaching, I discovered a true passion for art that I never knew existed. I was thoroughly enjoying seeing my hard work come to fruition. And it was then that I realized I wanted to share what I was creating.

With my newly found and ever improving illustration and graphic design skills, I opened what was then called Cinnamon Design Studio in 2012. My small business has come a long way since then, having seen a handful of name changes and improvements. My art, with its modern influence and balance between whimsical and realistic, has also come a long way. I’m proud of my business, I’m proud of myself and I’m exited to see where this journey takes me.

I spend most of my days in my home office of the 1930s bungalow I share with my husband, our sweet daughter, and our four cats. When I'm not creating, I enjoy spending time with my family, binge-watching TV shows/movies or reading a good book.

Thanks for stopping by!